Darkbloom - Naomi Greenwald

NPR.org (Song of the Day)
"Greenwald has an easygoing manner and a calm, clear voice that's instantly reassuring. Nowhere is that more apparent than in "Don't Forget Hallelujah," one of the standouts from her album Darkbloom. A subtle call to hang in there amid trying times, the song finds Greenwald functioning as a guardian angel more powerful than the ones she references at the song's outset – she's like a gentle but strong hug in the midst of a storm. Like Emmylou Harris, Greenwald possesses a girlish voice with steely strength and an old soul's wisdom and grace."

Americana UK
“This [Darkbloom] is a fabulous album that grabs immediately and doesn’t let go despite repeated plays. This is a real talent at work and highly recommended. Best album this year for this reviewer.”

Songwriter’s Monthly says:
The smart, superbly crafted reflective and pondering lyrics employ an impressive array of literary devices while the affecting melodies and comfortable rhythms provide just the right setting to allow you to really feel the driving emotion behind the tracks — her songs have both an intellect and a soul… In many ways, Greenwald is a kind of Lennon and McCartney in one.

Blurt Magazine says:
"Darkbloom captures the sound of an artist in the first flush of rock ‘n' roll revelry... Greenwald settles into a sensual groove, a slow but mesmerizing series of ruminations that find her both pensive and provocative."

Collected Sounds says:
"Her vocals are truly gorgeous here.  It’s a superb debut all told."

Time Out Boston says:
"LA-based siren Naomi Greenwald skews a bit more Fleetwood Mac, cramming as much soul and rock into her retro FM-friendly sound as possible."

USA Today’s Popcandy Column says:
"reminds of the best parts about Neko Case and Fleetwood Mac.”

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